Craning Estimate – 8 Hour Day

Craning Estimate – 8 Hour Day


Craning Estimate – 6 Hour Day

Introducing our comprehensive craning service, designed to seamlessly position your modular home at its final destination. Our service provides a general estimate of the cost to crane your modular home, ensuring transparency and clarity in every step of completing your dream home setup.

Key Aspects of Our Craning Service:

  1. General Cost Estimate: The estimate is based on the assumption that an adequately sized crane is available within 1 hour of your job site. This proximity allows for efficient mobilization and execution of the craning process.
  2. Expert Installation Crew: A skilled three-person installation crew is included in the service, ensuring that the placement of your modular home is handled professionally and efficiently. The total cost of this expert team, combined with the crane operation, is estimated at $830/hour.
  3. Comprehensive Time Allocation: Our service contemplates a detailed schedule to ensure a smooth operation. This includes one hour of driving to and from the job site, one hour for setup, one hour for takedown, and two hours dedicated to the actual craning of your modular home. This thorough time allocation ensures that every aspect of the process is accounted for, minimizing unforeseen delays.
  4. Variable Factors: We understand that crane rates can vary greatly depending on a number of factors such as the specific location of your site, accessibility challenges, weather conditions, and other variables. Our estimate aims to provide a general framework, but we encourage clients to consider these potential variations when planning their modular home installation.

Our craning service is committed to ensuring that the final placement of your modular home is conducted with precision, care, and expertise. While this is a general cost estimate, we strive to provide you with a clear and realistic understanding of the potential costs involved, helping you make informed decisions as you move closer to realizing your dream home.