Harwood Flooring – Colorado

Harwood Flooring – Colorado


Hardwood Flooring

Introducing Flooring Option 3, our exquisite collection of engineered hardwood floors that epitomize the timeless elegance and natural charm of hardwood. Each plank in this collection is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of skilled artisans, offering an unparalleled distinction, beauty, and warmth that only true hardwood can provide. The hardwood floor option is not just flooring; it’s a piece of art that brings the grandeur of nature right into your living space.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each plank is sculpted to perfection. Special tools are employed to enhance the natural allure of the wood surfaces, creating a visually stunning and tactile experience. The hand-rolled edges and ends add an extra layer of sophistication, elevating the visual appeal and making each plank distinctly unique. The beauty of this flooring is sealed with 7 coats of ultra-low-gloss urethane finish with aluminum oxide, ensuring that the floors are not only breathtaking but also resilient and long-lasting.

These floors are more than just a beautiful surface; they are a sustainable and responsible choice. Our hardwood floors are compliant with the Lacey Act, EPA, and Carb Phase 2, ensuring that your flooring choice is environmentally friendly and meets the highest standards of safety and sustainability. Furthermore, with the prestigious FloorScore certification, this collection meets or surpasses industry standards for environmental safety, ensuring cleaner, healthier air in your home.

The collection features French Oak, known for its durability and elegant grain patterns. The planks are 1/2-in thick and constructed from 7-ply cross-grain engineered hardwood, offering stability and longevity. The lifetime residential finish and structural warranty, along with a 5-year commercial finish warranty, ensure that your investment is protected, allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty and sophistication of these floors for years to come. Choose Flooring Option 3 for a living space that resonates with the luxury and durability of engineered hardwood.

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