Interior Finish Option 2 – Matte Black Hardware Ganges

Interior Finish Option 2 – Matte Black Hardware Ganges


Interior Finish Option 2 – Matte Black Hardware

Introducing Interior Finish Option 2, a meticulously assembled package that infuses your home with a contemporary elegance and a flawless aesthetic. This option is crafted for those who seek the bold statement of matte black hardware, paired with the pristine, harmonious appeal of a consistent color palette throughout their living space. Every component, from the precise choice of paint finishes to the carefully chosen hardware and trim, is thoughtfully selected to ensure a cohesive and luxurious ambiance in every room.

Key Features of Interior Finish Option 2:

  1. Matte Black Hardware: Elevate every interaction in your home with our exquisite matte black hardware, featured on door handles, closet pulls, and millwork pulls. This hardware offers a striking contrast and a modern edge, delivering a sleek and cohesive look that boldly complements various interior decors.
  2. Consistent Drywall and Paint Throughout: Bask in the tranquil harmony of white paint that graces every wall of your home. The walls are coated with a sophisticated matte paint, providing a refined texture that minimizes glare and conceals blemishes. The trim, finished in semi-gloss, offers a subtle contrast and surfaces that are easy to clean, ideal for high-touch areas. The ceiling is adorned with a specialized paint, ensuring a pristine, crisp finish that amplifies the sense of space and illumination in each room.
  3. Millwork and Trim Details: Revel in the intricate beauty of our expertly crafted millwork. This package includes 3.5″ baseboards and 2.5″ casing, further enhanced by 3.5″ top trim, adding layers of depth, character, and a polished look to every space. The beautifully cased window and door returns not only elegantly frame your views and entryways but also introduce an element of architectural finesse and craftsmanship to your dwelling.

Interior Finish Option 2 is more than just a visual treat; it’s about curating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere that exudes contemporary elegance and comfort. With its harmonious color scheme, bold matte black hardware, and intricate millwork, this option guarantees that every nook of your home is thoughtfully composed and exquisitely finished, providing the perfect canvas for your lifestyle and tastes.