Package 3: Energy Performance – Net Zero Ready – 80% More Efficient – Ganges

Package 3: Energy Performance – Net Zero Ready – 80% More Efficient – Ganges


Energy Performance Package 3 – Pioneering a Net Zero Ready Future

Explore the zenith of sustainable living with Waterline’s Net Zero Energy Performance Package. Designed for homeowners who aspire to the highest echelon of energy efficiency, this package sets the stage for a Net Zero, carbon-neutral home.

Key Features:

  • Ultimate Energy Efficiency: Aligning with the pinnacle of the BC Building Code Step 5, this package is a giant leap towards a sustainable future, significantly reducing your environmental impact.
  • Customized Insulation and Vapour Barrier: The roof and wall insulation, as well as the vapour barrier, are tailored as per the recommendations of your Energy Advisor, ensuring optimal thermal performance and air quality specific to your home.
  • Expert Consultation: An Energy Advisor plays a crucial role, modeling your home and conducting comprehensive testing to assure that every aspect of the home meets Net Zero readiness.
  • Windows and Doors: The package includes Low E argon vinyl windows with screens, customized as per your home plan, ensuring maximum energy conservation and comfort.
  • Exceptional Air Tightness: Achieving an air tightness of 1 ACH per hour or less, this package guarantees a significant reduction in energy loss, enhancing the overall efficiency of your home.

Solar Ready: This package is primed for the addition of solar panels, as recommended by your Energy Advisor, to achieve a Net Zero, carbon-neutral status. This not only contributes to a greener planet but may also qualify you for rebates through your power provider.

Embrace the future with Waterline’s Energy Performance Package 3. It’s more than just a home; it’s a commitment to a sustainable, energy-efficient lifestyle, tailored to your unique needs and environmental goals.