Package 1: Standard Building Performance – Code Compliant

Package 1: Standard Building Performance – Code Compliant


Standard Building Performance Package – Code Compliant

Welcome to Waterline’s Standard Building Performance Package – your foundational choice for ensuring a well-performing home. This package strictly adheres to the latest Building Code standards, guaranteeing that your new home not only meets but exceeds minimum requirements for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Key Features:

  • Energy Efficiency: This package aligns with the BC Step Code and the BC Building Code, ensuring a minimum acceptable standard of energy efficiency.
  • Windows and Doors: Enjoy the benefits of Low E argon vinyl windows, complete with screens as per your home plan. These windows are designed to reduce energy loss, thereby enhancing the thermal efficiency of your home.
  • Insulation Excellence: The package includes advanced insulation options with R-40 flat or R-35 cathedral roof insulation and R-22.5 wall insulation, offering superior thermal protection and energy savings.
  • Vapour Barrier: A robust 6 mil poly vapour barrier is included, ensuring moisture control and adding to the overall integrity of the home’s envelope.

No Energy Advisor is required for this package, making it a straightforward, code-compliant choice for your home building project.

Looking for More Efficiency? Consider an upgrade to our High Performance Package 1 for a 40% increase in efficiency, or High Performance Package 2 for up to an 80% efficiency boost and Net Zero readiness. These advanced options offer enhanced features for those seeking the pinnacle of home energy performance.